Ford Mustang Shelby.
Occurrence of new car Mustang can interest only very solvent buyers. The new machine is exclusive model with all conditions following from here, basic of which the price is. The new car passes under code name GT500E Shelby Mustangs. It has been created legendary Carroll Shelby . This person is known as the founder big of some sports machines. There was absolutely small party авто new model. The sixtieth machine in this list has received exclusive name Eleanor to what the monogram on a cowl testifies. In a basis of the machine the classical model lays. However, contents авто are already far from classics are, for example, the new eight-cylinder engine capacity 325 h.p. the Small funny remark. If you looked film " To steal for 60 seconds " remember, that the protagonist should steal 50 super cars for 24 hours. All the stolen cars had female names that suggests with the exclusive name of one of new machines. We hope, that the "cine" destiny will not comprehend the future owner of this machine as initial cost Eleonor will exceed $80.000.

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