If you watched the movie "Forsazh-3. Tokyo Drift diving, then you most certainly remembered only one car. This Mustang 1967 production with the Japanese engine series RB

Americans still hold annoyed by the fact that in such a classic and "clean" Mustang someone mouth something is not American. No, we mean no sticker GReddy or interkuler ARC. Someone from Universal Pictures mercilessly pulled out of the "Mustang" his "heart" typical American V8, and "numerous" instead of under the hood Japanese engine.

At the same time, car lovers from countries rising sun troops land in rage because the engine in question, but a DETT RB26, the Holy Grail of Japanese tuning, "heart" legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R. At the moment he is a top engineering Japan, and its implantation in the 40-year-old "relic" from another continent, someone seems blasphemy, the end of the world and so on and so forth. However, the "Mustang" made so well that we are not udivimsya a similar apparatus in the very near future.

Lyrical part finished, proceed to the technical side of the issue. Consider this very close DETT RB26. He becomes a Skyline GT-R34 2001 issue and is, as many know, line "six" with two turbines, which, according to official information, issuing 280 million. with. to drum. Nevertheless, experts agree that these 280 "horses" attributed to the motor only for the old "gentleman's agreement" among all Japanese car manufacturers made a number of years ago. In reality RB26 issue about 320-330 forces.

In nature is not yet ready sets details for a smooth transfer RB26 in the "Mustang", so there was a lot of work. Of the details that fit for this upgrade, you can list interkuler Sparco, Be Cool radiator, exhaust manifold GReddy and brewed to order release Magaflow style N1. Fuel system RB26 remained the standard, is that a fuel tank Fuel Safe moved in the trunk mains and additional Earl of stainless steel.

Skyline GT-R known for its full drive, a Mustang, who did not know if a machine zadneprivodnaya. Technicians from Universal took 5-speed box of zadneprivodnogo Skyline GT-S 1998 and the 9-inch Ford rear bridge from Currie Enterprises in the collection. This allowed "Mustang" keep the rear drive, which is very important in the context drifta. This type of races is not the most favourable impact on the automotive suspension, so here it has been a total transformation. The company provided new Global West upper and lower leverage, connecting parts stretcher and springs for shock absorbers. Shock absorbers themselves (certainly not the standard version) nashlis of KYB. "Stokovye" wheel "Mustang" (frankly, a rather small) were sent back for 19-inch discs GT-7 Volk. Rear impressive drives its width at 10 inches, while the front they "only" nine-inch. These "Canis" obuty in rubber Toyo Proxes T1R dimensions 245/35 ZR19 front and 275/35 ZR19 rear. They hide large-Wilwood brakes with four pistons in each carriage in front and two rear pistons.

The interior of the car, to say the least, lousy. Do not seen any audio, or at least what zavalyaschegosya monitorchika to see your favorite DVD. It seems even wash salon forgotten. But something still deserves attention.

Factory seats replaced product Year One, which together with belts Diest helps the driver to remain in place during a long run skidding. When he (the driver, of course) want to remove the eyes of Flaming River steering wheel, it can check the status of the engine sensors Auto Meter. Transmission is fully Japanese, but some American spirit when switching transmission still persists because of a pen CPR Hurst. Rukoyat ruchnika performed individually for the machine, helping the driver better vkatyvatsya in turn sideways.

This Mustang involved in the final drift- saw the movie. We know that in the process of filming Universal successfully raskolotila several "Mustangov" shame, and only because of the copy in green and white colours of Jack's Auto Body just looks cool. However, there is no cause for concern is all broken "Mustangi" have V-old figurative engines. Our Mustang with RB26 left with the film sound track.

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