Initial designs.
First, a number of "sites" mustangovskih appeared eskizy- outline describing the car of the next generation. For them, it became clear that the Americans have decided to make their new hero, a much more modern, if even not flowering.
At least illustrated in a painting next to the BMW Z4, Mustang did not play last no beauty in the face, or of the day. Z4- I called as a competitor for running qualities. What hope that Ford refuses Finally, in the first instance, from the old flat rear suspension design and move to the suspension mnogorychazhnuyu. But with nerazreznoy rear beam bridge compete with the BMW useless, even though driving up power to thousands of horsepower. And so, all the videos show "Mustangi" zhguschimi tires at the start from the field. And more than anything, and they do not know how.
Even some images were shown the body-trehdvernoe coupé and trehdverny sport wagon. They "Mustang" was very angular, somewhat, even recalling vypuskavshiysya little, but failed to become a cult, DeLorean car.
What remained the same at all drawings new generation car is a two tilt vertical pillars, "underpin" cover bonnet, a characteristic of the 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 first model year. She noted that among the many design options front of Pony, vypuskayuschihsya now that I think best.
"fake" snapshot "at the filling station."
In the only picture that toured all network resources, despite its poor quality, clearly visible two key points.
First, the car visually appears more compact than the serial "Mustangi" that has been encouraged. Secondly, it makes it clear Italian origin. This is not magical pleasure. For connoisseurs and experts may even be omitted Dzhidzharo name. All well and clearly, for handwriting.
Of course, only the very naive people believed in spying origin of the photograph. Clearly, and photography, drawings and the above-part of a carefully planned PR campaign. Exactly the same as running on the Internet photos prior to the official opening showroom in Los Angeles.
Ford Mustang by Giugiaro.
Describe the car photo-meaningless exercise. The reader sees the same thing that I see. I only stop at its most important and powerful personal experience.
"All fordovskie" dashes listed above in the description of the drawings and "spy" photos, confirmed after the publication of the official photographs.
In my opinion, Fabrizio Dzhidzharo and his team have done a very talented and fine work. On the one hand, they managed to retain the concept all the major mustangovskie "line" and "Cowboy" spirit of the car, and even strengthen them, on the other hand, add to all that Italian sophistication and expressiveness. Of course, the wild Paso does not seem horses participating in a race with Ferrari. But such challenges to the developers were not raised. But the fact that they stay in neighbouring stables, it can be assumed.
The biggest doubt is interior. Style expressed so vividly that it is bordered with candy. But ...
Reason is, in connection with the recent photograph is Michael Schumacher, sitting on the fence of his ranch in kovboyskoy hat and cigar in mouth. Plus his various statements on that now he would focus on the ranch konyuhom his wife. Jokes, jokes, but if the Europeans born in Germany, living in Switzerland, working in the high-tech form of motor sport, it is sometimes frustrated. If Michael otvyaznym seem too eager, even himself, and even sometimes, it can be said that about the other. Perhaps all this is especially true for those who days on end in the office of his computer and waiting when the same will occur Friday evening.
Mustang Concept-Giugiaro expectations and projections.
I want to believe that this is the concept Car. It is hoped that, following this team, led, Fabrizio Dzhidzharo really entrust the development of a new generation of "Mustangov." But, unfortunately, before that company Ford buried is not a good development. Lord of leadership often lacked courage. This happened because they did not know what would.
And want to begin technical future "Mustang" with his new avant-face. At least at the moment, as future competitors than BMW Z4 BMW M3 announced yet and Porsche 911. Now that the Well, in that case, "Mustangam" and European markets will not be afraid. The world is united. He already is one.
Giugiaro Mustang Concept is equipped with stylish 4.6-litre V8 unit, which means modifications (kulera and more powerful compressor) came into possession of power for more than 500 horse power.
Regarding obuvki, it shall enter into force on 20-inch disks dimensions 275/40 tires on the front axle and 315/35 at the rear.

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