Jack Rusch (Jack Roush) people are employed. In his own team in NASCAR, it has two offices: Roush Industries and engineering tyuningovaya Roush Perfomance. The latter won the respect of many fans Ford Mustang, fired not so long ago its own version of the vehicle called Roush Mustang 427R.
This 427-strong traffic monster is not even the most powerful, but the most popular artists Roush Perfomance for its entire 12-year history. But old Jack does not resting and his subordinates had prepared the next 428-S version. Frankly, it does not change much, but they are.
First 428R will be even stronger. Pokopavshis in intestines 4.6-litre V8, engineers bled from the already 435 "horses". Torque also podros: from 530 to 542 Newton metres. Regarding the suspension, brakes and exhaust system are unchanged moved to the 427R. Apparently, their work does not cause any narekany creators.
But over the appearance Americans worked. Additional headlamps of lattice radiators disappeared. And the famous Mustang galloping away in Korea. So do not look for it. But there are many DTM and logo Roush. They can be found from the outside, in the cabin on rugs and leather chairs.
Jack and the company promised to make exactly 200 such vehicles. The cost of these guys, though not announced, but also, I think, true fans exclusive Mustangov this concern in the latest turn.

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