Roush is becoming an increasingly important ally to Ford Motor Company. Over the years, some of the most sought after and highly respected after-market Mustangs have donned the ROUSH badge, as have the F-150 truck, Ford Focus, and other Blue Oval vehicles. The “One Ford” plan calls for consolidation of global platforms, rather than have drastically different vehicles on different continents. The vanguard of this movement will be the Fiesta, and unknown to much of America, there is already a Roush subsidiary tuned version on European streets.

According to, a new website devoted to the coming U.S. Fiesta, a Mountune Performance version of the Fiesta could cross the Atlantic with its OEM brethren.

Pictures: Mountune Performance

Who is Mountune, you ask? It is a tuner company much like Roush, but technically no longer owned but the American-based company. It was bought out by an investor group in 2007, renamed Revolve Technologies Limited in 2008, and owns Mountune among other Roush-founded European companies. But even so, they maintain a close-working relationship with Roush and Fords own Team RS (Europe’s version of SVT).

This means that a performance Fiesta could very well be in the works for when the Fiesta officially launches as a 2011 model next year. Right now over in Europe, the Mountune Fiesta is already tearing up the streets with just a few tweaks to boost its horsepower 20%. That brings the little econo-hatch to 140 horsepower in 1.6 liter guise, or 185 horsepower if you opted for the bigger 2.0 liter engine. This is a naturally aspirated engine too remember. Could an Ecoboost Fiesta be in the works down the road? We can hope.

The Mountune Fiesta uses only an exhaust, computer re-calibration, high-flow induction system and tubular intake to make 140 horsepower out of just 1.6 liters. That is over 87 horsepower per liter. The Mountune Fiesta also gets an exterior-upgrade package that includes wheels, side windows, exhaust tip, but is otherwise left alone. This still isn’t a race car; it doesn’t need to look like one. But even Ford seems to have recognized that importance of the tuner market. With the 2.0 liter EcoBoost set to debut in the Fusion next year, the Focus and then Fiesta seem likely next steps.

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