Records are meant to be broken every now and then. As far as auto auctions go, Mecum has sold some of the fastest, oldest, and most historic cars the world has ever known. Over the weekend at the inaugural Monterey Auto Auction, Mecum and Shelby both shattered a record. The champion Shelby Daytona from the 1965 World Manufacturers Cup race became the costliest American car ever sold at auction.

According to Mecum Auto Auctions, the 45 year old champion sold for an astonishing $7.25 million.

Pictures: Mecum Auto Auctions

This 1965 coupe has been touched by many greats from racing history; legend Carroll Shelby, designer Peter Brock, and driver Bob Bondurant. It was Bondurant who would pilot the champion car, number CSX2601, to victory over the Ferarri-dominated World Manufacturers Cup. That race helped solidify all three men in the annals of racing history.

Peter Brock (left) and Bob Bondurant with CSX2601

It was Shelby who first came up with the idea of dropping a Ford V8 into an AC Cobra body, which eventually evolved into the legendary Cobra. Brock helped design the Daytona’s body, increasing the Cobra’s speed by 25mph. The name came from its inaugural race at the ’64 Daytona continental. It won handily. Only 5 more Daytona coupes were built, making it one of the most rare and desirable cars ever.

The one name we don’t have is that of the winner, someone who likely wants to stay anonymous for a reason. Even though this is a record price for an American car though, rare European exotics like the ’57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa still command upwards of $10 million. But at least America is closing the gap.

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