Bullitt is arguably one of the best car-centric movies of all time. It rivals all the dazzling special effects, big budgets, and star-heavy modern day movies with a gritty realism that would be impossible to replicate today. One reason is that the two real stars of the movie (aside from Steve McQueen) was the ’68 Ford Mustang fastback and the ’68 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum.

This behind-the-scenes video found by Autofocus gives a sneak-peek into what went into making this movie.

Making of Bullitt

The main reason this movie has stood the test of time is its 10-minute long epic car chase. The car chase was real, and McQueen teamed up with famous stunt driver Bill Hickman to drive speeds in excess of 100 mph down the streets of San Francisco. It took 8 other stunt drivers operating various vehicles to make the scene complete and to happen safely. Even so, there is an inherent risk of launching cars off steep hills. Wheels, axles, suspension parts could have flown off at any moment, sending the car hurtling out of control.

But even though that did happen, it likely won’t ever happen again. Imagine San Francisco agreeing to a rematch between the modern Mustang and Challenger? Unlikely. McQueen was committed to making the race as real as possible, and he spent plenty of time training with Hickman for the race at local racetracks. That certainly is commitment, putting your own life on the line for a movie.

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