pair of classic recreation eleanors cover

It’s been awfully quiet from Adrian since his Classic Recreations Eleanor hit our shores, though who wouldn’t blame him, he has an amazing and awesomely powerful Mustang.

Though yesterday Adrian filled me in on what he’s been doing and sent over some photos with it.

So what I didn’t know is that Adrian’s friend Paul also bought a Classic Recreations mustang also a 750hp model and Adrian thinks these are the only two 750hp models in Australia. Both were also very fortunate to save about $AUD20,000 in taxes because the managed to bring their cars in just before the Australian luxury car tax was increased.

Adrian says “Paul has spent about $15,000 on his car to get it 100% with the problems he had. My car is built a bit better because it was built a few months after, but I think I need to spend a bit to get it 100%.You can see Pauls car in the latest Street Machine magazine”

“A few small problems that he had, they fixed on my car. But I still have a few to fix of my own. He spent a lot to fix his car and get it running to the horsepower that was promised but fails to deliver. The biggest problem is the computer they use is rubbish he told me .You can’t tune the car.”

I’m going to go out and buy the copy of Street Machine mag with Paul’s car in it, apparently he explains his problems a little more. I’ll try bringing it to you as soon as I can.

Believe it or not Adrian’s car is still not registered. He’s had some small problems with the engineers but is confident the engineers will sign off this week and it will be ready for registration.


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