Most of us have undertaken an ambitious project or two (or ten). Part of what makes the automotive hobby so great is doing something different. Something fun. Something that makes people scratch their heads and ask why. David Smith of Indiana undertook one such project when he upgraded his already modified 1994 Cobra and tossed in the powertrain from a 2004 Cobra a.k.a. “The ExTerminator”.

David cataloged the entire build, which began early last year, on a thread over at

Pictures: David Smith

The ’94 Mustang was the first new ‘Stang in 15 years since the Fox-body had debuted. In a bit of an ironic twist, the 2004 happened to be the last year of this body style, lending itself to (at the time) the most powerful production Mustang built. Whereas the ’94 Cobra had a 5.0 mill (with David adding many mods himself), the Cobra had a supercharged 4-valve 4.6 liter modular motor. He got half of what he needed to the swap from a wrecked Cobra, and the rest he bought piecemeal.

The conversion has been completed for a while now, and on the outside it still looks like just another ’94 Cobra. But popping the hood reveals a cramped engine bay stuffed with the Terminator motor. To complete this swap, David had to completely replace the engine and body wiring harnesses, as well as install a T-56 six-speed transmission to back the 4.6 liter motor.

He replaced the standard Eaton supercharger with a Whipple from Ford Racing. For exhaust, he went with a MAC cat-back system, Accufab ported plenum, SPEC Stage 3 clutch, long tube headers, a 4lb pulleys.

The independent rear suspension from the Cobra was ditched and David instead stuck with the solid rear, installing 3.55 gears to keep the beast tame on the roads. Before adding the Whipple supercharger, the ExTerminator made a best dyno run of 555 ft-lbs of torque and 493 horsepower. Quite the unique car and accomplishment, one of a kind for sure.

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