I’m still having a hard time figuring this one out. Ford is an American company, so why is it that we always seem to get shortchanged when it comes to performance vehicles? Yes I know we have the Mustang, and its always been a great car. But Europe has had turbocharged AWD Escorts and Focuses for awhile, and Australia still gets to play around with RWD V8 sedans.

According to Carscoop, Ford is reviving the famous Falcon GS tag for a new budget RWD V8 sedan, another great car America will never see.

The Falcon GS will actually be available in both sedan and ute (i.e. Ranchero) configurations. Essentially a detuned Falcon GT, the GS represents a new entry-level vehicle for the Ford Performance Vehicle division. Think of it like SVT, but for people who drink Fosters instead of Budweiser. The Falcon GS with the 5.4 liter V8 engine will deliver 405 horsepower rather than 423, although torque will remain the same at 406 ft-lbs. Both manual and automatic transmissions will be available with six-speeds.

Both the sedan and ute will be available with six different color/stripe combinations and 19” alloy wheels. No performance specs are available yet. The GS was first introduced in 1969 as an appearance option package that added rally stripes, wheels, and other options to lower-spec Falcon. Australia has a rich muscle car history, and the Falcon fits prominently into the annals. Only 250 sedans and 75 utes will be available for purchase.

Maybe Ford learned its lesson from GM that importing these performance sedans is more work than its worth, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop wishing for a new V8 RWD sedan from the Blue Oval. Maybe when this “One Ford” business finally takes shape we’ll get to share in the Aussies’ fun.

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