Buying an old muscle car can be a risky venture. A lot can happen to a car in 40 years - most odometers only went up to 99,999 before rolling over and previous owners may not have been the gentlest of owners. You could always opt to buy a low-mileage example, but those can get very expensive. Old cars also lack many of the comforts and amenities we take for granted these days.

Retrobuilt’s RSC-69-S, now on eBay, is a modern solution with a classic look.

Pictures: Retrobuilt

The car you see here is not a low-mileage 1969 GT500. It sure looks like it in the pictures, but something about the car is... bigger. That is because this car is a 2007 Shelby GT350 Mustang with molded fiberglass body panels to look like a ’69 GT500. Retrobuilt had 3.73:1 gears, a Shelby Paxton Supercharger, upgraded Baer brakes, and a Bassani X-pipe exhaust all installed directly by the factory. That gives this retro-looker about 420 wheel horsepower.

The entire front and rear end is made from fiberglass, though the doors are made from metal for molding purposes. The period-correct rear spoiler had to be widened 4 inches to fit properly, giving you some idea of how much bigger cars have gotten in recent years. The bumpers also retain steel for safety purposes, and the interior is markedly untouched.

It looks just like a 2007 Mustang ought to on the inside, but the exterior would make it hard to distinguish between a real GT500 and this modern clone. Tastefully done, though I think the wheels are needlessly oversized. Kind of ruins the whole nostalgia bit when you can see yourself in the reflection of your wheels.

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