According to an array of online sources (although not yet confirmed by Ford), Ford will soon be introducing a new "Camaro killer" V6, as well as a “Coyote” V8 and a six-speed. The rumor is that Ford recently unveiled its new "Coyote" V8 5.0L and 3.7L V6, both for the 2011 Mustang, at an employee meeting.

With fewer liters and more horsepower, the rumored Ford V6 will have have 15hp more than the Camaro, and as much horsepower as the 2010 Mustang GT. Here is how the major three muscle cars break down now, and how they might break down soon (winners in bold), if rumors are to be believed:

Make (Weight)



Hp to Weight V6/V8

Camaro (3737lbs/3859lbs)




Challenger (3,728lbs/4,140lbs)



.06706/. 08986

2010 Mustang (3421lbs/3572lbs)




2011 Rumored Mustang (3351lbs/3698lbs)*Estimation




According to, the new 3.7L V6, which was originally designed for front-wheel drive applications, is being reworked for a twin turbo version, to be fitted for the F-150 next year. This would result in a naturally aspirated, variable valve timing 3.7L V6 for the Pony.

This photo, which many claim is a depiction of the "Coyote" V8, has made its way around the internet. Photo Credit: LeftLaneNews

Other rumored improvements include:

• Brembo brakes included in the track pack

• Boss edition in 2012

• 2011 Shelby GT500 to get an aluminum block

The 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L V8, 6-speed, track pack with Brembo brakes, is rumored to have run even with the 414hp BMW M3 (which is 200 lbs lighter), at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan.

This information comes from the Mustang Source and

Here's how the three might shake down:

The Dodge Challenger is currently third overall, primarily due to its weight. The R/T tips in at over 4,000lbs, weighing almost 600 lbs more than the Mustang GT. The Challenger, although currently second in horsepower for both its V6 and two V8's, is last in low-end speed. With a long enough road, however, the Challenger will overcome as long as the Ford or Chevrolet doesn't pull away too much at the start.

With a long enough road, or a deep enough wallet, you might be able to win with the Challenger. Current competition tests have been down with the R/T, the mid-range model, due to it being in the same price bracket as the Mustang GT and the Camaro SS. The SRT8 is heavy in price, starting at $42,645. The SRT8’s 6.2L Hemi does feature one hp less than the Camaro's 6.1L, and is rated at 6.1L/425HP/420lb-ft.

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance Blog

While the other two slept, rested and reengineered, Mustang took the time to improve year after year. The new Mustang is not an obvious winner, however. The Mustang outhandles all, but falls very short on paper, with the least amount of horsepower and torque overall from both V6 and V8 (the current V8 is over 100hp less than Camaro). Also, many have complained that as Mustang is the only one with a five-speed, the rumored plans call for that extra overdrive gear.

The Camaro SS horsepower to weight ratio is .11039, and the rumored Mustang GT would be .10817, leading the Camaro to still win in the V8. However, the current Mustang is a close second to the Camaro on the street.

The Camaro SS is faster on the Quarter with 13.0@111mph, according to Motor Trend Magazine, and the Mustang GT hits at 13.5@104.2mph. The additional 85hp projected to come from the "Coyote" V8 might be enough for Mustang to beat out the Camaro on the street, if not on paper.

If Ford creates the rumored drivetrains, they will be an obvious V6 winner and a possible V8 winner. This can only be determined, however, if and when the "Coyote" actually runs.

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