Sometimes you never know how much work can go into something until you see it for yourself - for example, push rods. Most think these are no more than metal rods that could be made right in their bother’s garage. Maybe at one time that was true, but these days there is a little more that goes into them. We found this really cool article over on

This article is all about the magic that goes into not only designing, but building COMP Cam’s Hi-Tech Pushrods. With a name like that you know there is much to learn. You can read the entire article over on CPG Nation by clicking the link below. For now, you can enjoy the first part of the article here.

Pushrod Science: It’s All About Control


Because an engine’s valve train is critical to the transfer of energy, every valve train component is critical in controlling the motion of that energy transfer. So it follows that if one component fails – they all fail. So to ensure the success of valve train components, manufacturers have committed enormous resources to research and develop components that can withstand the ultra-high demands of high performance applications.

Today, valve train components are lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever before. And in the case of pushrods, that is certainly true. However, it’s safe to say that from one company to another, not all pushrods are created equal. Many companies offer pushrods that are often not adequate for the task.

Hi-Tech™ pushrods from COMP Cams®, on the other hand, are manufactured to the highest standards imaginable. And in both material and manufacturing process they are designed to be the best of the best for high-performance use. From beginning to end, every step in the process is highly controlled and every stage is precisely monitored for absolute accuracy, consistency and quality.

Some of the process is proprietary and therefore cannot be disclosed. However, it’s possible to provide an overview of the production method without disclosure of “classified” details.


The first step in making Hi-Tech™ Pushrods is the acquisition of raw material. The material that’s used is aircraft-grade 4130 chromemoly steel tubing. This material has long been......


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