Most of us have at one time or another, been involved in an auto accident of some kind. I’ve lost a total of two cars to accidents myself (one my fault, one not) and insurance picked up the tab both times. But what happens when you find out what you thought was minor damage would end up costing you the price of a new car?

That is exactly what happened to the owner of a Shelby GT500 KR according to The bill for his modestly damaged front end came to a staggering $31,500.

Pictures: Autoblog

Now the Shelby GT500 KR is no low-cost pony car. Clocking in at $79,500, it is the top of the line Mustang currently available. But the cost for replacing a few parts was nearly half the cost of the car itself, including $21,000 for a hood, $600 for hood stripes and pins (each), and $3,400 for a front splitter. You can buy a well-equipped Mustang GT for the cost to fix the KR. The accident apparently involved some four legged critter, and so long as it wasn’t a moose or hippopotamus, the damage couldn’t have been that extensive.

$200 for an emblem kit. Ouch.

Now there are several reasons why these parts cost money, and there is a sort-of happy ending to the story. Autoblog did some digging, calling up Shelby to find out why these costs were so high. Turns out the hood is the only 100% carbon fiber hood in the country, and underwent rigorous crash tests to meet federal safety standards. Then there is the issue of exclusivity; only a handful of GT500 KR Mustangs have been produced, and none of the parts that make them unique are available for individual sale to prevent cloning. Shelby also requires any damaged parts be sent back to their factory before they will ship out replacements.

After a firestorm of outrage hit the internet, Shelby dropped the price on the repairs, including lowering the cost of the hood to just $9,700. Still no bargain, but that alone takes $10,000 off the repair costs. The lesson here; exclusivity is expensive.

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