We had a first today on the site. It’s been about five years and John, the builder of Toby’s car and my car, has never made a post or a comment but it seems the lure of 67mustangblog was too much. John has come out of the wood work and answered some of the questions I lots of people ask me.

John posted some comments in this post. However I’ll repost it here:

“Hi everyone,

I am the poor bugger who has the job of putting these together. :-)
The kit for both Toby’s and Cam’s cars came from Prototype Plus in Melbourne and are a nice kit, but you will still need to do a LOT of fitting and mucking about if you want everything perfect. If you want more info, just let me know. The kit is much better than any of the US kits and works out cheaper. On both Cam’s and Toby’s we have used Fibreglass front fenders which are made by the same guy and look a lot better than the original fenders with the flare glued on. If you would like more info on any of the products or the how’s, I may be able to put something together for Cam to post up. As long as it doesn’t take me away from the job at hand.

Now, in regards to RRS. Yes, they have had some supply issues and are working very hard to fix these problems. I have had a few problems along the way as well, but they have been very helpful in fixing any problems as soon as they are able. They have also been outstanding in providing product backup and technical help when needed.

You will find that if you know how to handle a spanner you shouldn’t have any troubles fitting the gear yourself. I have fitted a fair bit of RRS gear to Mustangs now and find that it does improve the driving experience of these older style vehicle. We do need to have some patients with these guys as the product they supply is pretty much all that is available. They have done the hard yards in regards to ADRs and making the fitting of the products less of a headache when it comes to having engineering/compliance done on the vehicles. Almost all of the available products from overseas will not pass ADRs here and will cause major headaches. I speak from experience.

By the way, I am in no way connected with RRS other than having used their products. I think that they are working pretty hard to improve the problems that they have had in the past and I am confident that they will continue to supply A1 products that will help us improve and enjoy these vehicles well into the future.

Anyway – if anyone has any questions just let Cam know so he can pass them on.

Oh, btw guys. Give us some feedback on the grilles, do you think that the spacers should be painted Black to hide them a little better????”

So there you go. If you have any comments or more questions please post them in a comment below. John constantly reads the site.

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