I have been looking for one for my stock 90 lx and the best deal I found was on ebay. I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experience with these ebay kit's with a stock motor. The maker of the kit is claiming 488hp and 666tq on stock motor with only a few small mod to the engine ,aka head studs and msl gaskets. The kit it self looks over all a good value but the turbo,bypass valve and waste gate I have questions about quality. I could build one myself but time and some of the equipment is the problem. I also have a few questions about tuning this once I do have it all bolted on. I called on this turbo kit and they told me I would need a blow through mass air flow meter. My first question on that is what is the difference between a blow through and a standard. He also said that it would need to be calibrated to the injectors? I am not sure how that works or if it is true. I am looking into getting a cheap laptop and doing it myself but not sure were or what I should get to tune engine once I get the turbo installed. I am going to go through the motor before the turbo gets installed with better rotating asm but the top end will be almost stock for a year or so. The power I want to make is in the 400 to the tires.

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