Cars are often an expression of one's individuality - an extension of their personality, ambition, and desire. But project cars often involve more than one person, be it a father and son venture, a shop built plan, or just two friends with equal parts passion and ability. This pair of Ford Torinos falls into the last category.

The project was found on Pro-Touring, and they even have their own website,

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The goal of the project is to take two 1968 Torino GT Fastbacks and turn them into fun, reliable, Resto-mods on a budget. Both cars were found in the South - Texas and Georgia to be exact - after the pair of friends searched high and low for quality vehicles to be used as starting points. Most of the parts for the project have come from Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, and so on. Very few “new” parts are being used in this build.

Two is better than one...

The Torinos are identical, and will both use supercharged powertrains from Roush Stage 3 Mustangs from the early 2000s. These 4.6 liter engines feature aluminum blocks, and are significantly cheaper than the supercharged Cobra engines. The Torinos will have the independent rear suspensions from the Cobra, as well as the bigger front brakes and T-56 six-speed transmissions. The exhausts will be Bassani stainless steel systems made for the Cobra, but cut to fit the Torinos. They need to completely rewire the cars, using harnesses from the 2004 Mach 1. Because these guys are doing the work themselves, they are able to kept costs down.

Definitely a cool undertaking, though they still have a way to go. Once finished, these cars will be unique - even among the Resto-mod community.

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