Individuality is a very important aspect of the automotive hobby, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Mustang II holds the distinction of being the only muscle car whose front suspension is more desirable than the engine. However, the car that is currently up for auction on eBay is hardly recognizable as having ever been that loathsome mid-70s muscle car, as it has been transformed into a street legal stock car like machine.

It can be yours - provided the price is right - as it is now available on eBay.

Photos courtesy of y2kmaxv1.

The owner describes it as the “closest thing you will find to a late model stock car on the street” and he might not be exaggerating. The car is actually based on the frame of a late model stock car, with a custom-built body around it, including that wicked looking hood scoop and rear spoiler. The working headlights have been integrated into the body, and it comes with two ten-gallon aluminum gas tanks, a roll bar, and all the gauges (including a 160mph speedometer).

However, the engine isn't in this car, as it's being sold as a rolling chassis. It used to have a big block Chevy 482 and ran a best of 10.77 @ 132 mph, so this was certainly a serious racer, albeit funky looking. The car includes the dual exhaust system, as well as BBC headers, so it is actually very close to being a fully ready race car. One thing is for sure, you won’t see another car like this at any track across the country.

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