A little while back, we reported that Vortech was working on developing a brand new twin-screw supercharger kit for the 2007-2009 Ford GT500s. The wait is over, as the kits are out of the design phase and are now being shipped out by Vortech.

These kits are shipping now. Check out www.vortechsuperchargers.com for more information, including pricing.

The Tuner Kit uses the VTS 3300 twin-screw supercharger that is capable of supporting 900+ horsepower when cranked to over 22 PSI of boost. Also included are a custom PCV adapter to keep your car legal, and an integrated 44.5 mm bypass valve assembly, which (according to Vortech) allows for an increase of compressor efficiency and temperature control. To mount the massive supercharger, the kit includes a cast aluminum air inlet manifold that is matched to the factory throttle body, as well as a billet aluminum adapter plate that makes the supercharger a bolt-on to the OE manifold.

We were really waiting to see how the kit performed on the car. It looked good on paper, but would it fall short on the dyno?

Our question was answered when Vortech took this very system, installed it on a GT500, and strapped it on the dyno to see what it would do. The car was loaded up with a conservative and streetable tune, and according to the video, that included keeping the stock redline. The tank was filled with racing fuel and the boost was turned up to 22 psi.

The results were 712 rwhp and 675 rwtq. Impressive, when you consider that the stock GT500 only makes 500 horsepower, with only about 450 of that making it to the rear wheels. Even though this was done with racing gas, an increase of almost 300 horsepower to the rear tires is nothing to be disappointed about.

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