The new engine that's in the works for the 2011 Mustang is pretty much the worst kept secret in the auto industry. Dubbed “Coyote,” images of the new engine have been splashed across the internet and it is rumored to hold 400 horsepower, in order to combat the Camaro’s 426 horsepower LS3.

Now the rumor mill is churning with the buzz that the Shelby GT500 might get twin-turbos and an aluminum block - at least according to

Aluminum block or twin turbo for 2011/2012? Pictures: Ford

Now so far, most of the rumors have been substantiated. For example, the Coyote 5.0 has been rumored to be in the mix since last summer, and it’s all but officially confirmed at this point. Ford has also been toying a lot with turbochargers lately in the EcoBoost line of engines, so a natural progression might be to add turbos to upper echelon vehicles such as the Shelby. Chevy is officially coming out with a Z/28, probably supercharged - what better way to distinguish itself from the competition than going turbo, and making even more power than it does now (600...)?

But maybe not. Ford has again and again denied that the EcoBoost engine will wind up in the Mustang. Shelby fans have been clamoring for an aluminum engine block for years now, as the extra weight of a sturdy iron block weighs down the GT500 considerably (by about 400 pounds). If they can drop that weight down, they might get a few more years out of the 5.4 liter supercharged engine because it will be that much quicker, giving them time to really tune the new Coyote 5.0. Or maybe they’ll just slap a supercharger on it and call it a day. But why invest so much into a new engine block for an obsolete engine? Oh churn away rumor mill, churn away.

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