Jalopnik recently reported on a great investment for us Ford lovers - a 2006 Saleen S7 that is going for almost half of its original asking price when new. However, as it turns out, this is not the only Saleen S7 going for such a reduced amount, as asking prices on the few that are for sale are similarly low - low being relative, because while it's a huge markdown from its original price, most of our houses cost this much.

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This S7 (asking price $375,000) is particularly special, in that it's one of the last that Saleen himself had his hands on, before selling his company and the rights to his name. In fact, the owner claims that this particular car is THE last one built under Saleen's name. Steve Saleen, racer and entrepreneur, started reworking cars in the early 1980's, and worked on everything from Ford Explorers to Mercurys, F-150s, and Rangers. However, all of the other vehicles were produced under other manufacturers' names. That is, until the S7 - this was Saleen's dream, his own production supercar.

This Saleen boasts 850hp with its twin turbo setup, and only twenty-one of its kind were ever made. This car is production number 78 from model year 2006. The pearl white Saleen includes a performance option that crams the Ford-based aluminum 427 block in its rear section, pushing it to a top speed of 245 mph and 0-60 times in a mind-boggling three seconds. That makes this S7 more rare (and better performing) than the Ferrari Enzo. Also, you don't have to worry about sending your money to Italy, because the S7 is one of the few American-made supercars.


Saleen S7 V8 750 700 10.5@145.0 2.8 5.9 11.2 73.0 1.10 $580,000

Ferrari Enzo* V12 650 485 11.1@134.5 3.3 6.7 11.7 72.0 1.01 $652,830

Ferrari F50 V12 513 347 12.1@124.5 3.6 8.0 NA 65.7 NA $480,000

Lamborghini Murcielago V12 580 479 12.0@121.0 3.6 8.7 14.2 65.7 0.90 $273,000

Maserati MC12** V12 624 481 11.4@129.0 3.7 6.8 12.1 69.6 0.98 $840,000

McLaren F1 V12 627 479 11.6@125.0 3.4 7.7 NA 64.5 0.86 $1,131,120


SLR V8 617 575 11.7@126.0 3.7 7.8 NA 68.3 0.97 $455,500


Carrera GT V10 612 435 11.2@132.7 3.6 7.1 NA 72.0 0.99 $460,400

*Out of production.

**Maserati performance data is a combination of manufacturer data and estimates. Information for other models compiled from Road & Track, Motor Trend and other automotive publications.

Since Saleen's departure, the company has seemed to concentrate on Fords and has ceased production of the S7. This S7 is among the crème de la crème of rare and exotic cars, and with this car being the last to feature the "real" Steve Saleen name, the car packs a punch, even if its price tag does not.

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