It has been decades since the Big Three battled it out with their muscle cars at the same track. Chrysler hasn’t fielded a worthy muscle car since the mid-70s and the Camaro went out with a whimper back in 2002, leaving the Mustang to reign alone for most of the 2000s. But with both the Challenger and Camaro back in force, we can expect to see more races like this weekend’s Koni Challenge season-ending race.

According to Mustang News, the Big Three will battle it out at the four-hour race Sunday, at the Bosch Engineering Oktoberfest.

Photos courtesy of The Mustang News.

The three muscle cars will participate in the Grand Sport class, which allows cars tuned from 350-405 horsepower. These are showroom cars - no special race packages like the Mustang FR500 here. The Camaro is painted in old-school Sunoco livery, just like back during the first muscle car wars, though the Mustang has been competing in the Koni Series since 2001. The Camaro also participated in the 2001 and 2002 races, but after production was cut off, the Camaro slid under the waves of time.

This is a very exciting time for muscle car enthusiasts, and it is sure to reignite some of the rivalry that was felt during the '60s and '70s. We need some good old-fashioned head-butting racing here, and it is my hope that this weekend’s race will fan the flames. While there isn’t the diversity of those days, how many muscle cars do we really need? Three is enough, for now…

We’ll let you know who wins come Monday.

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