It's no secret that Ford’s factory ready race car, the FR500CJ, is one mean beast on the drag strip. Earlier this week, we saw a video of the 2010 aluminum-block mule popping a wheelie off the starting line. But there are plenty of 2009 models still out there - among them, Carl Tasca’s race car.

According to Bangshift, he recently took his FR500CJ in the low 9.40s in the 1/4 mile.

Photo Credit: Ford

So far the best numbers to come out of these cars have been in the 9.60s. Two-tenths of a second might not seem like much, but in drag racing it might as well be ten miles of difference. Tasca’s family has a long legacy in racing for Ford, as it was the patriarch who helped John Force find his way to Ford and built the legendary Thunderbolt drag car. His Cobra was the second one made available to the public when these cars first went on sale.

2010 FR500CJ testing at the track.

Tasca’s car is a five-speed tweaked by Liberty Gear, so this faster time reflects both driver skill, and likely favorable weather conditions (cool air, lower sea level). There aren't any specifics on when or where this happened, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. If 9s are possible with the iron block cars, how much faster will the 2010 models be with an aluminum block? Could we see 8s?

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