The new 2010 Taurus SHO from Ford has really been raising some eyebrows in the performance world, with everyone keeping an eye on people modifying these cars wondering about the potential of the EcoBoost engine. Will it hold more power, or will it fail under the high demands of performance racing? Only time will tell, and one guy looking to find out first is Torrie McPhail. Thanks to SCT, the Taurus is going to be one of the best around.

Stock wheels, stock tires, full interior and no bolt-ons.... yet.

Many will recognize that name from the tuning and parts world. As the owner of Fast Parts Network and Unleashed Tuning, Torrie has had the opportunity to tune just about everything, but Fords have always been a large focus of his time. So when the new SHO was hitting the streets, like many die-hard Ford fans, Torrie rushed to claim one for himself.

Unlike what he might have done to a Mustang, rather than ripping the car apart and bolting on enough go-fast parts to get the results he was looking for, Torrie decided to see what cracking the computer would gain. Using an SCT X3 Plus tuner, Torrie was able to crack the stock tune, and modify it as he saw fit. Using his years of experience, he added or removed timing in a few places along the RPM band and adjusted the fuel curve to go along with it. Then it was time to turn up the boost and adjust the transmission shift points. The SCT X3 Plus made this a snap, as he was able to do all of that and much more.

Torrie dyno tested and tunes most of the vehicles himself to ensure they get maximum performance.

What was the performance? The best the car has run so far is 13.17 @ 106.44 leaving softy off the line. That is really good for a stock component vehicle (including stock all tires!) that weighs in around 4400 pounds, without the driver! Torrie says that when he gets a better launch off the car, it will see 12s no problem. From there, he plans on adding a few bolt-ons such as intake and exhaust, then tweaking the tune to really take advantage of the gains.

It looks calm and collective now, but wait till it gets a new intake and some exhaust. This car is going to be a screamer.

Look for this Taurus to be knocking on the door of 11s after a few bolt-ons and maybe some new tires. For now, you can check out more performance options offered from Torrie by visiting his websites, and

For more info on SCT’s powerful tuning devices, check out

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