The GT40 is a car built by legends, becoming a legend itself. Just forty inches from the ground to its roofline and built to combat Enzo Ferrari and his dominance of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the GT40 won Le Mans four times in a row from 1966 to 1969 before retiring. Getting a drive in one of these rare cars is almost impossible. To meet demand, Ford produced a limited run of its modern Ford GT, but has left it up to the aftermarket to fill in the blanks left by the original GT40.

Autoblog got a chance to test out one of Superperformance’s GT40 Mk 1 recreation.

Images: Autoblog

The car was built to the specs of the original GT40, and supposedly 2/3 of the parts are interchangeable with an original. A steel body sits on a monocoque frame, and can be had with either a small block or big block engine (the originals were fitted with either a 289 or 427 motor). The new GT40 features a Roush-built 427 cranking out 550 horsepower and manages the same 40/60 weight distribution of its predecessor. There is no radio, though the seats feature the same authentic steel rings as the original.

There is also air conditioning, and the shifter and parking brake have migrated from the doorsill to the center tunnel. Plus there are all those switches and dials and knobs to play with, as well as the engine and finely tuned suspension.

Speaking of suspension, depending on your choice of engines, the suspension will be tweaked to provide optimal performance. The car sits just inches off the ground, so any body roll would inevitably scratch your expensive recreation. It can cover the quarter mile in just a tick over 11 seconds, top out at 200 mph, and at 70 mph gets fuel economy of 16 mpg. Not bad for an old supercar.

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