It seems that another fairytale story of finding a widow’s collection of old cars has come true. The collection consists of a huge lot of Mustangs. The widow's spouse, who had recently died from cancer, had been an avid collector of ponies in all sorts of conditions. We’re talking massive.

According to Jalopnik, reader Brian B stumbled upon this massive find on a tropical vacation somewhere in the western hemisphere.

Images: Jalopnik

However, most of these cars have not seen garage space or overhead cover in a long while. Even so, there is a massive collection ranging from rust shells to cherry runners. Unfortunately, Brian B is just another regular guy, lacking the assets or ability to come up with the $700,000 the widow is asking in exchange for the ENTIRE lot of cars. Because of his inability to come up with the large sum of money, Brian B has not released the location or any information about where he found the treasure. Rather, he is allowing ANY of us the opportunity to stumble across this tropical oasis for a finder’s fee: the choice of one Stang of the bunch and an old Ford Duce among the several cars on this lot.

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