I feel that the Ford Falcon often doesn’t get its appropriate due as the predecessor of the Mustang. This little sports car never set any records, but in the years leading up to the Mustang, it was the car of choice for many hot rodders and racers.

This completely custom Ford Falcon hot rod heralds back to a time before the pony car and is currently up for bidding on eBay.

Photo Credit: gt40man

Everything about this car screams quality. From the Gleason locker rear end (smoother and much more expensive than a Detroit locker) to the English-built Alcon calipers and rotors, it is just one well-built rod. The chassis of this car is the same as those used by racers in the SCCA Trans Am series, so it might even be more than a show car. However, I doubt that this car will ever see the track. The roof has been chopped three inches and widened four inches for that custom fastback look.

The heart and soul of this car, though, is an original 1965 four cam Indy engine. This 255 cubic inch V8 engine has been stroked to 276 cubic inches using a billet aluminum crankshaft, Diamond pistons, and Carillo rods. A F.A.S.T. computerized injection system helps manage the Turbonetics GTK 1000.

No horsepower numbers here, and even though I love originality, I think this car would have been cool enough with the original Indy engine. Tossing all that modern equipment on such a cool, old, rare engine seems almost sinful, especially since it likely won’t be raced. But the Falcon really is a nice change of pace from all the Mustang variants.

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