The Shelby GT500 has become an icon in the muscle car world, from the original model released in the mid-60s to the supercharged monsters of modern time, it goes without saying that the GT500 has become one of the most respected pony cars to ever be made. With that being said, I bring you the video of the first 7-second pass in an ‘07 Shelby GT500. While the run that was caught on film is a 7.94 elapsed time at 173mph, a faster elapsed time of 7.89 at 175mph was also made that day.

First word of this pass came by way of YellowBullet.

Video courtesy of: Evolution Performance

The car was built by Evolution Performance, located in Aston, PA. The car is not lightweight as far as drag cars are concerned, weighing in at 3400 pounds with a driver, but it is still a fair bit under the factory weight. The combination that propels this car down the track is fairly simple, yet extremely successful. A 5.4L all aluminum engine is topped off with a pair of 67mm Precision turbochargers. On the chassis dyno, the car laid down 1272 rear wheel horsepower and 1043 foot pounds of torque. Those numbers alone are a testament to how much power this car really has.

All three of the 7-second runs and dyno test sessions were done at a conservative 23 pounds of boost, so it is believed that this car could go even faster in the future when the boost is turned up. Seeing that this car hasn’t had a lot of track time, coupled with the fact that more boost can be made with this particular combination, it is safe to say that with more adjustments, it could very well be propelled even deeper into the 7-second bracket. Breaking the 7s is just a start for this crew, and they look to be making more improvements to this already stellar car in the near future.

For now, they are excited to have built the first GT500 in the 7s.

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