Titanium and carbon fiber are common words used in professional racing; cutting every once of weight only makes a car faster. But what if you are looking for weight savings but cannot afford a lot of these go fast add ons? Accel has designed new wiring for your batteries that will cut over three pounds off a typical trunk mount battery system. The key is the copper coated aluminum that cuts down the weight. You can even use compression type fittings that are virtually impossible to pull apart, unlike typical crimp type fittings.

• Copper coated aluminum saves weight

• Available in 1-4 gauge sizes and red/black

• 20 foot and 100 foot spools

• 3 foot pre made grounding wires available

• .12 pounds per cubic foot

Video feature on the Accel Lightning Cable!

Accel Silver Tip Racing Spark Plugs

Fouled or incorrect heat range spark plugs will rob horsepower in any application. Also increasing the conductivity of a plug allows for better cleaning and a more complete burn in the combustion chamber.

Accel has released an array of Silver Tip racing spark plug applications. Accel says that silver is the best electrical conductor, which allows for a wider heat range in these plugs. For your Ford folks, the plugs are one piece so you do not have to worry about snapping plugs in your late model applications.

• Designed for all popular late-model GM, Dodge, and Ford engines

• Works with LPG, E85, Methanol/Ethanol, high compression, and high RPM engines

• Fine wire center electrode - allows for a thicker insulator to help prevent arcing

• Various heat range applications for both N/A, nitrous, and forced induction

• Silver center electrode - Low ignition voltage requirements allows for easier starting

Check out more at www.accel-ignition.com

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