Another hot product in the Procharger booth was the 2010 Mustang 3-valve supercharger. With the 2010 design, not a lot changed from the 05-09 design other than an intercooler configuration to accommodate the different front bumper design. The intercooler went from a wide and short configuration to a narrow and short intercooler style. Below are some of the design features of the 3-valve Mustang kits:

• Standard Procharger HO kit with P-1SC-1 supercharger and intercooler

• Stage II kit adds larger intercooler tubing to accommodate a larger intercooler

• 12 rib and Cog belt options

• 800+ HP intercooler upgrade (recommended with Stage II Kit)

Video Feature With Procharger

”Quiet Blower” Helical Gearset Superchargers

If you simply don’t want the whine of a supercharger under the hood to keep a stealth appearance, Procharger offers a blower that has a a helical gear set that reduces the blower whine. To even reduce the sound more, Procharger had to make the tolerances between the gear meshing even more precise.

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