“Classics never die,” said David Coker owner of Rocket Racing Wheels. “They might fade away but they come back.” Coker, is a familiar name in wheels and tires as David’s father is Corkey Coker, the owner of Coker Tire. David ventured off of the family’s business six years ago with Newstalgia Wheel, an internet retailer of muscle car and street rod wheels. Newstalgia was created as an all-in-one place, including custom made wheels that can be ordered online.

“We are able to give you a custom wheel that arrives in a box on your porch with free shipping, free mounting…” said Coker. Coker introduced his Rocket brand in the 2008 September issue of the SEMA newsletter.

Rocket Racing used inspirations from 50’s and 60’s style of famous brand wheels that were used on, what Coker said, Gassers, Drag cars, Hotrodders, salt flat racers. One wheel that Coker is working on is a style used on 40s and 50s Indy style cars. All wheels are SAE independently tested twice as Coker insists on and are one piece.

This year Coker introduced three wheels here at SEMA:

Rocket Fuel – This five spoke wheel is a more generic style that could work on a variety of genres of cars. The three spoke Vintage Knockoff center caps are a nice touch.

Finishes –Polished, Chrome and Painted

Sizes – 15”, 17”

Igniter(LEFT) –The Igniter is a salt flat inspired wheel targeted for street rod and hot rod wheel applications and it is nostalgic as it gets. The optional three spoke spinner Knock off Vintage center cap adds some nostalgic texture.

Finishes – Polished, Hyper Silver and Gray

Sizes – 15”, 16”, 17”

Rocket Launcher -- This gasser inspired wheel is targeted to nostagia hot rods and street rods.

Finishes -- Hyper Silver, Polished and Painted

Sizes-- 15x4.5" (front runner only)

Rocket Booster/Muscle Booster – These are new for SEMA but not for Rocket. big spoked and big attitude the Rocket Booster is designed for muscle car and pro touring applications. The Modern Muscle is designed for the 2010 Rods.

Finishes – Hyper Silver, Chrome and Painted/Hyper Shot, Chrome and Black

Sizes – 17”, 18”, 20”/18", 20"

All styles of Rocket’s are new to SEMA as Coker is a first time exhibitor. One wheel style that was able to gain a lot of attention is the Modern Muscle series designed for all the 2010 Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers. The Modern Muscle wheels were presented in three finishes but won’t be in stock for another four weeks.

Rocket is an alternative to custom made wheels so the price remains low and constant. According to Coker, the Rocket Launcher style retails around $350 to $400. Coker can sell his for $180.

“The market doesn’t need to pay $400 for that wheel,” said Coker.

Rocket is able to keep costs of the resurrected style of vintage wheels down for two reasons. One, all wheels are one piece, which is one way that Coker controls his over head. Where many wheel manufactures use two piece wheels, where a hub and center come from two different places, the prices and variables can change. Two, when Coker was selling as a retailer with Newstalgic most of the vintage style wheels were custom orders and there is a large price difference between ordering four wheels like customers and 4,000 wheels like Coker.

Coker has done his homework after growing up in the Coker family and then maintaining his company Newstaligic for six years. “I have a fetish for vintage wheels,” said Coker. Check out Rocket Wheels.

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