SEMA this year has an entire section where Green cars and equipment are all in one place to help push the industry into the Green direction, but AMD and Factory Five didn’t want their electric ’32 Ford Street Rod in the green section, they wanted it in Hot Rod Alley. They wanted to gain the attention and respect of the Hot Rod community.

This ’32 Ford was built in a “One World Community,” which is the only zero waste community in the world. The community, SOMO, is located in Northern California.

The electric drivetrain could not have been placed into a better vehicle than the Factory Five Racing ’32 Ford kit. “I thought we could make the coolest electric car out there,” said Solid Works Expert Designer, Jeremy Luchini. “I thought it was a perfect platform.”

Solid Works handled the software, A123 handled the two battery packs and UQM handled the 660 ft/lbs of torque engine. Being electric, the engine provides instantaneous torque with a projected 0-60 time of 3 seconds, as according to Solid Works.

“How do you make batteries look good?” said Luchini about the valve cover-like tops to the battery packs. The actual engine is located inside of the car, covered by a scatter shield and then a clear plastic hump to show it off a little.

-4,000 Amps

-2 battery packs

-70 miles without a charge

-2,000 full charges

-The motor is 225KWatts

-1 million miles before a service

The team said they believed in the electric car and the technology but have yet to see a car cool enough out there, so they built it. AMD and Factory Five produced their ’32 Ford Electric car to prove something…and they might have. So will this car affect the industry? Luchini said, “Absolutely I do!”

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