To mark the 75th anniversary of the ’34 Ford, Ford’s booth had a old school rod with some very new school technology, 400hp EcoBoost twin turbo V6. Bob Smith, the builder of the ’34, had a long time relationship with Ford. Most notably he worked for Saleen performance before leaving to do his own ventures in hot rod and restoration cars.

The Ford was built in pieces at several shops scattered throughout Sterling Heights, MI, outside of Detroit. “The hardest part was all of the simultaneous builds all across Detroit,” said Smith who now lives in North Carolina. One shop that handled the hardest parts of the build was Techno Sports.

The water and oil cooled turbos were re-packed and re-plumbed in order to fit comfortable and stylishly under the open sided hood of the ’34. When Techno Sports finished the EcoBoost engine configuration, it was sent back to Ford so they could run the engine on a dyno for the final power numbers and re program it. The redesigned turbo system boosted the power 35hp over stock to 400hp and 400lb torque. Techno Sports also laid the front wheel drive engine into the chassis as a rear wheel drive configuration. The transmission of choice for the car was a Tremec.

The body was painted in a flat blue color with some white and red emphasizing the body lines. “We thought it would give the body the original look and with the gloss you would be able to appreciate the body lines. This car has iconic lines…it’s an ageless design,” Smith said. The fenders and exterior floorboards are sprayed in a gloss metallic version of the same blue color.

Shelby Trim worked on the interior with two custom captain chairs. The nice touch of the interior is the beautiful and ornate hand blown glass gear knob. Smith and his team designed a retro V6 logo that mimicked the original V8 logo. The logo was etched into stainless steel sheets that wrapped around the interior from below the rear retractable rear window and onto the door panels.

The beginnings of the car was not just something that Ford thought of but rather a combination of efforts. Kurt Kurtenbach, who owns Experimental-inc, was tired of the ’34 Ford body parts lying around in his shop without a completely built car yet. He had enough and Smith talked him into connecting with Ford, since Smith had such a relationship with them already. Kurtenbach funded the project and now owns the first completed reproduction body.

Smith and his crew only had 7 ½ weeks to assemble the car but it took a total of 18 weeks for the car to come together from conceptualization. The ’34 was able to win the Award for Best of Show Ford booth.

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