Banks engineering has been a force in making power since it’s inception in 1958, now Banks unveiled another unique power device, the Banks IQ. If you are hauling your racecar to the track with either a diesel truck, gas truck or motorhome - you may want to consider putting some control back in your hands with the Banks IQ dashboard PC.

The unit has a super clear 5” touch screen that is capable of 753,984 possible screen configurations. This powerful micro-computer tells you what your dash gauges won’t - what’s happening in your vehicle’s ECU. You can set alarms, adjust gauge colors, read and clear engine codes, log data and find out how your vehicle is really working. The Banks IQ also acts as a fully functional entertainment device. You can play music, watch videos and play games. If you do a lot of management from the field you can review your MS Office documents with the Banks IQ.

Features of the Banks IQ Dash Computer:

  • Choose from 10 different operating environments: Power, Control, Economy, Compass, Diagnostics, Safety, Information, Productivity, Performance or Entertainment.

  • Different onscreen layouts: Digital or Analog gauge.

  • Changes Gauge Colors to match your dash lights or your mood. Automatically changes gauge colors and dims the screen for day or night.

  • Allows the user to pick the information that you want to see and how it's displayed or choose from 36 pre loaded settings.

  • Displays in English or Metric

  • Set visual and audio alarms for various engine monitoring like EGT, Engine Temp, Trans Temp, Engine oil and many others.

  • Able to calibrate your true speed using advanced GPS technology.

  • Acts as a performance tester and records vitals. Can save and store multiple runs.

  • Able to diagnose engine problems. Can check and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Logged events are displayed in English not just codes.

The Plus Features of the Banks IQ Dash Computer:

Entertainment Environment
-Playback of MP3, WMA & WAV files
-Basic playback controls such as play, pause, stop, next and previous
-Playback includes repeat (repeat track/all/off), normal sequence
-Play list support

-Supports JPEG/BMP/PND format
-Implement operations, such as slide show, view, rotate, delete
-Rotate photos clockwise and counter-clockwise
-Delete photos

-View text, books or documents saved in TXT format
-Supports ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8 coding formats

-Supports MPEG-1, MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, 3GP, and DivX format files
-Basic playback controls such as play, pause, stop, next and previous
-Switch two functions between full screen and standard screen freely
-Play list support

-Choose from three pre-installed games: FreeCell, Connect and Solitaire 
-Launch compatible Windows® CE game formats (from desktop)

Productivity Environment
-Start work with any of the pre-installed applications on your Banks iQ in a familiar environment
-Manage your files: load, save or delete

-Use the stylus and virtual keyboard to type and save notes
-Open up Word documents, make and save changes

-Use the number pad to enter and perform mathematical calculations

-View stored documents created in Excel

-View and sort images stored on the device, micro SD card, or USB thumb drive (each sold separately)
-View images individually or as a slide show
-Rotate, cut, crop, adjust hue, change the brightness and resize your photos
-Save your changes

-View documents stored as DPF files

-View stored PowerPoint documents & presentations

For more information about the Banks Power products, visit their website at

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