EBC is a British manufacturer that produces all of it’s brake pads in the EBC factory in the United Kingdom, using fibers like Kevlar and Twaron. EBC Brakes Andrew Bartosiak told us that they are “Dedicated to stepping up to sportscar racing for 2010 in the USA.” It’s very likely that you will start seeing these brake pads showing up with greater frequency this next year at parts stores and racetracks in North America. EBC has a unique blend of pad material for each style of driving and they have color coded the pads to make identification easier.

The Ultimax brake pads are a normal black color and is designed for normal street use. From there the brake pad line is named based on color. The next step up from the Ultimax brake pad is what EBC calls the Greenstuff pads, designed for “spirited street use”. For “Faster street use on muscle cars and premium imports”, you’ll need to use the Redstuff brake pads. For short races and time trials, the Yellowstuff brake pads are offered. Finally, when you get into higher performance racing, EBC recommends the Bluestuff brake pads.

For more information about EBC or their brake products, visit them at www.ebcbrakes.com/

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