Most don’t view 4 door passenger cars as ideal for racing. The size and weight usually deters most builders from selecting them, but who says you can’t go fast with a heavy car? Enter the Mercury Marauder - produced for 2 years (2003-2004). While it may have not been the most successful car sales-wise for Ford, it was a unique performance sedan. It boasted a 302hp 32 valve motor from the factory and many appearance upgrades.

In stock form they aren’t the quickest cars on the strip, but when modified correctly, you can take one of these cars well into the 9-second range. A few weekends ago, the first Marauder pass in the 9’s was made at Alabama International Dragway with a 9.759 elapsed time at 140.1mph. The run wasn’t just a fluke, as it was backed up by a 9.80 on the next run.

The pass was first rumored on, and then followed up with pictures and video of the record-breaking run.

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Previous to this pass, the best runs ever performed by a Marauder were in the 10-second range, but those records were shattered by this run with 281 cubic inches. An F1R Procharger goes against the common ‘no replacement for displacement’ saying, with 18psi into the 4.6L motor built by Greg Walker of Walker Performance. The motor is also topped off with a 50-75 shot of nitrous to get things going.

Marty, the owner of the car says his main wrench on the project is Jeff Harris of Dallas, Georgia. At the rate this project has progressed, this car has a lot more in it, and could very likely need a parachute in the near future as they work closer to the 150mph mark.

Being the first Marauder in the 9’s, it is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of, and it is great to see 4 door cars out there proving they can perform. There is almost no doubt this car will be breaking it’s own records soon again, and makes me wonder, could we possibly see a Marauder in the 8’s?

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