Over here, or should I say down here in Australia we don’t often see too many Eleanors going up for sale or for auction so it’s always exciting when one pops up, which is just what has happened this week at the Bonham & Goodman Christmas Car Auction.

The black and gold Eleanor example looks great, though we don’t get a really good look at her and it somewhat reminds me very much of this example I’ve always had issues with.

Anyway back to this auction. The car appears to have it’s original 351. The listing states it also has “disc brakes on all four wheels; nine inch rear diff and “Detroit locker”; the air conditioning is a Retro Air System; 245×40 17 inch wheels; functional side pipes; PIAA driving lights; brushed aluminium dash an door trim; Tremec five-speed gearbox; La Carrera (SIC) steering wheel.” Though from the pictures I only see a Moto-lita steering wheel.

The car is expected to fetch between $AUD110,000 and $AUD130,000 which is about $US100,000 – $US120,000 and goes to the auction block on December 6th and if you’re into other rare and classic cars make sure you check out the rest of the lots.

I’ll monitor the auction and lets see how much she goes for.


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