The Germans love horsepower almost as much as Americans. I say almost, because the typical German horsepower machine has four doors, lots of luxury, and over-engineered by the time it leaves the factory. But they still love to go fast, and they’re pretty good at it. So when a German company gets their hands on an American car, you know things are going to get stupid..... stupid fast.

According to Autoblog, Geiger (who are both big fans of American cars and the color green) have taken the Ford GT and almost double the supercharger capacity, increasing power to nearly 800 ponies.

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Geiger is responsible for some pretty wild creations, such as a supercharged Hummer H3 and twin-turbo Corvette Z06. But now they’ve taken on a true super car, the Ford GT, and gone a little bit loco with it. By replacing the stock, 2.3 liter supercharger with a 4.0 liter unit, they were able to add 240 horsepower to the GT’s already impressive 550 horsepower output. A larger throttle body was installed as well as improvements to the cooling system, because we all want reliability with our super cars.

All this power means the Geiger Ford GT can reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 223 mph. Monstrous numbers, especially considering the car rides on 20 inch wheels and is painted bright green reminiscent of ‘60s Chrysler colors (Sublime Green?). No mention on price, but as the old saying goes - if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.


Red is supposed to be the standard colour of warning. US car specialists from Munich have turned this established wisdom on its head, presenting their hottest shot with eye-catching bright green paintwork. The Ford GT "Geiger HP 790" is the third star after the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (569 HP) and the Corvette Z06 Bi-Turbo (890 HP).

Karl Geiger's latest creation lives up to its name: the super sports car's 5.4 litre V8 engine can reach a terrific 790 horsepower, an impressive 240 HP more than its series equivalent. The source of this explosion of power? Above all the replacement of the series-produced 2.3 litre with a more powerful 4.0 litre compressor which blasts the combustion chamber at over 1.25 bars. Larger throttle valves and a sports filter were also installed to supply the eight cylinders with even more fresh air. The engine and gear cooling systems had of course also to be adjusted to the new design as well as engine electrics.

Geiger HP 790 shoots to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds, breaks the 200km/h mark 6 seconds later and reaches 300 kilometres an hour in only 22.8 seconds - all this to bloodcurdling roars from the two 110-millimetre sports exhaust tail pipes - an in house development. Thrust and air resistance don't balance until you hit 360km/h. The supercharged V8 reaches maximum power at 6320 rpm and its maximum torque - 863 Newton metres - at just 4600 revolutions.

No question that a ride like this is not for the beginner, but experienced drivers will find the specially developed coilover suspension a great asset. Its hydraulic shock absorbers have adjustable pressure and rebound damping which can be set to suit drivers' needs and preferences - and of course the terrain.

Low and wide: the classic Ford sports car proportions are taken even further with 60-millimetere lowering. The wheel housing can't high superb matt black alloy wheels outlined in the car colour, mounted in 9x20 inches at the front and an impressive 11x21 at the rear. 245/35R20 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres on the front axle ensure precise transmission of wheel commands whilst the drive axle 325/30R21 tyres constantly fight for grip and traction - if only so they don't disappear in a cloud of blue smoke.

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