Haltech is a standlone ECU company that has been around for many years. They started before there was OBD2 and the ability to control stock ECUs effectively. A Haltech ECU is a total replacement for your OEM counterpart. While they do offer many plug and play versions for popular import applications, they offer their universal standalone that allows you to wire in all the sensor you need. Where they have spent their most time is in the software development. Haltech has gone great lengths to make sure their software can be used by novices and professionals alike. They offer 32x32 resolution on boost, spark, and fuel mapping - which is all VE based.

For those looking just for that fuel, boost, and spark adjustment and don’t need all the other fine tuning, Haltech offers a sprint piggy back that will allow you to access those variables. It uses the same software as the high end version, just with those limited functions in 16x16 resolution.

More can be found on www.haltech.com

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