When it comes to turbocharger technology, Turbonetics is always coming up with ways to make their components more efficient and more powerful for racers. This year at PRI, they were showcasing a brand new forged Billet turbo wheel. The piece, which is first forged then machined to the design seen here, offers many advantages over traditional cast wheels.

Cast wheels have limits in their design that billet does not. For example, for a cast wheel to be able to be strong enough to stand up to the harsh environment inside the turbo, some design features can only be changed so much before the life of the component is compromised. Details like the size of the fins on the wheel, thickness of the wheel and hub size are all factors that directly effect the performance and efficiency of the turbo.

With the new billet turbo wheel, Turbonetics was able to shrink the size of the hub of which the turbo wheel mounts, meaning the fins can be longer - which means the wheel can move more air. They also machined the fin thickness to a much smaller spec that leads to less friction applied to the passing air that translates to less heat and more power. The smaller fins also leads to a higher percentage of the wheel’s mass being in the center. That combined with the over all weight savings compared to their cast counterparts means this turbo can also spin at a higher RPM.

The design also means the R&D work can be done faster as changes in the design can be made by rewriting a computer program instead of remaking a mold to cast the design from. This is good for the racer as it means Turbonetics can progress this product at a much faster rate than before. In fact they told us that there is a titanium version that follows the same idea as this billet wheel does coming out sometime soon.

• Designed for 40+ PSI

• 500-3000 Horsepower

For more on Turbonetics, visit www.turboneticsinc.com.

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