When I came over to the Procharger booth first thing Thursday morning, I thought this was some kind of cruel joke. A supercharger the size of a trash can attached to the front of a big block Chevy, and it is nearly half the size of the engine itself. This is the new Procharger F4 supercharger and it even requires a minimum of 900 naturally aspirated horsepower to make it work.

This blower is a gear drive only type system that is designed to make 3200+ horsepower, 45 psi, and flow over a hurricane-like 5400 cfm. The gear drive system on this blower is the same unit you will find on the F3. This is a limited production piece (obviously) and is designed for extreme drag racing. We heard that this blower was going to be tested soon, but no name was released. The one hint we had was “A previous NMCA Pro Street Champion”, which immediately leads us to think Mark Mickie.

You can barely see the engine behind the blower!!

"It's hard to believe that engine builders and racers are looking for even higher power levels and increased blower efficiencies than the F-3 models already deliver," says Jim Summers, Motorsports Director at ProCharger. "The F-3 has proven capable of 2,000 horsepower on pump gas and 3,000 horsepower on an engine specifically designed for use with a supercharger and running alcohol fuels."

Make sure your cat isn’t walking buy when you fire it for the first time, it might just suck it in.

NEW ProCharger F-4 Supercharger: specifications

Volute Diameter: 16-inches

Max HP: 3,200+ HP

Base NA HP: 900-1,400 HP

Max Flow: 5,400 CFM

Max Boost: 45 PSI

Inlet Hose Dia: 7-inches

Inducer Dia: 6.32-inches

Exducer Dia: 8.89-inches

Outlet Hose Dia: 5-inches

Outlet ID: 4.26-inches

Max Impeller RPM: 55,000 RPM

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 5.63:1

Reverse Rotation Available: Yes

Self-Contained: Yes

Oil Capacity: 4 ounces (larger capacity available for extended run-time applications)

For comparison: ProCharger F-3R-139 Supercharger specifications:

Volute Diameter: 12-inches

Max HP: 2,700+ HP

Base NA HP: 700-1,000 HP

Max Flow: 4,000 CFM

Max Boost: 45 PSI

Inlet Hose Dia: 6-inches

Inducer Dia: 5.47-inches

Exducer Dia: 7.20-inches

Outlet Hose Dia: 4-inches

Outlet ID: 3.59-inches

Max Impeller RPM: 62,500 RPM

Internal Step-Up Ratio: 5.63:1

Reverse Rotation Available: Yes

Self-Contained: Yes

Oil Capacity: 4 ounces

More information will be eventually found on www.procharger.com

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