Zoom's new ZVT (Zoom Variable Torque) single disk clutch was on display at PRI. The design was first developed for high torque diesel applications and moved on to drag racing applications. The ZVT technology has now been expanded to meet popular street applications. The new design uses centrifugal force to generate clamping force on the outside face of the pressure plate. According to Zoom, that outside area is where the clamping force is needed to handle the increased horsepower seen in street/strip applications.

The Zoom ZVT Clutch delivers a stock like feel at the clutch pedal but in the bellhousing the increase in RPMs will gradually apply the clamping force. As the RPM of the engine increases so does the clutch disk on the pressure plate. Secondary benefits include: excellent drivability; stock clutch pedal feel and virtually no added stress to the clutch release system or engine thrust bearings.

The Zoom ZVT clutch is designed to handle 500 to 750 ft. lbs of torque and is claimed to be more affordable than the multi-disc clutches that other manufacturers have developed for high torque applications. Its available for late model Mustangs and LS engine applications are currently under development.

For more information and current Zoom ZVT clutch applications visit the Zoom website.

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