With all the hype around Fords return to NHRA Pro Stock, Cale Aronson’s retro themed white 2010 mountain motored Pro Stock Mustang has been getting its share of attention since its debut. The car was on display at the recent PRI show in Orlando and then made the trek down to south with the rest of the Pro Stock teams to test at Palm Beach Raceway.

Aronson, campaigned a 2005 Ford Escort last year in the IHRA and scored several semi-final finishes. Prior to Pro Stock, he raced a heads-up Outlaw style Mustang in the NMRA and Fun Ford Weekend. Aronson’s father Chuck is a former American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Pro Stock Champion and International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Rookie of the Year. The Aronson’s have always raced Ford products and the Drive One logo is a big part of the new car and team motto for 2010.

We had the opportunity to talk to Cale after he returned from testing, and our first question was how the acquired one of the first 2010 Mustang bodies from Ford Racing.

“We’ve worked with Ford Racing for years dating back to my dads Pro Stock days and that’s 30 plus years ago,” said Aronson. “We ran one of the first 2005 Mustangs in the NMRA Outlaw class when that body-in-white became available. Having the latest Mustang out their racing reflects a lot on our program as well as Ford. We help Ford sell cars and Ford Racing push the 2010 Pro Stock parts program. Jesse Kershaw and Brian Wolfe knew the media attention we got with the 2005 Outlaw car. The paint and the retro striping we did on that car was different that what everyone else was doing, so they were anxious to work with us on this 2010 car an see what we could come up with.

Photo Credit: Cale Aronson/Roger Richards

While the 2005 Ford Escort he ran last year was sleek, Aronson looks foreword to pushing the 2010 Mustang into the 220+ mph speed zone. The Ford Racing engineers did most of the aerodynamic work on the 2010 body and massaged it in the wind tunnel to be competitive with GM and Dodge. When the first bodies came out of the mold they were sent to Jerry Haas and Don Ness to make it work on their own unique chassis. Jim Cunningham’s car was naturally the first one built since he was involved with building the prototypes back in 2008.

Cale and his crew burnt the midnight oil assembling the new Mustang for PRI after it was delivered from Jerry Haas' shop. “Since its debut at PRI, we’ve had more compliments on this car’s finish work,” added Aronson. “We brought the car back from Haas and I did all the plumbing and the wiring and my dad helped with assembly. Arch Haslar, our body man painted the car. He has finished and painted every one of our cars but one. He was too young at the time to paint my dads old car back in the 70’s. His work on this new car is top notch, we all look at it like we are putting a show car together.

For 2010 Cale plans to run the car in ADRL Extreme Pro Stock, the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association and the AHRA series. After running the IHRA for several years Aronson knew with the IHRA’s new “Nitro Jam” direction it was time to race elsewhere.

“The ADRL is going to be our main schedule because you are looking at 10 races with them. The MMPSA and AHRA are also in so we are looking at 15 to 20 races next year,” said Aronson. “Since IHRA has dropped all heads-up racing, all they want to do now is have the races booked in as a show. They do not care to have us qualify, they want a different champion each night. You just show up, you don’t qualify, and they just pare you up. They came to the Pro Stock racers and said, ‘we’ll let you do the same thing we’ve been doing for years but you have to provide your own money and purse.’ We’re like ‘hey we have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in this and its not good that we have to fund our own class to race’. IHRA and Ken Feld are going to what everybody refers to as a Circus because that’s what he owns.”

With Aronson’s Motorsports business he feels that the ADRL and the two new sanctioning groups are the best place to be to showcase the products that he sells and provides technical support for. “We have a lot of companies we work with that are willing to go to the ADRL and the MMPSA because it looks better for a high performance company. It’s been a political nightmare to be honest and at PRI we met and decided that that’s a done deal. The people that work for IHRA are great but the top tier folks are the ones that have made everything go away.

In addition to racing, Cale’s Aronson Motorsports specializes in at track tuning and data acquisition. The new 2010 Mustang is the ultimate business card for his company.

“A lot of what I do its traveling and consulting on car set-up," said Aronson. "We just had some racers from Kuwait that have an Outlaw 10.5 car that we’ve worked with. A lot of what I do is tuning at the track or consulting over the phone. I get a lot of Racepak data sent to me for review and recommendations.”

Aronson was pleased with the recent test at Palm Beach International raceway. The car did not have the latest engine or transmission and was on a baseline tune yet it showed some impressive numbers.

“The test at Palm Beach went well. I got out of the car after the pass and my fiancé was grinning,” recalled Aronson.” I could not figure out why, I mean the run felt good but there was no way I felt I could run those numbers on the first hit. The set of slicks I had on the car had 30 passes on them, the transmission was one that I had in the Escort that I ran in Martin Michigan over four months ago. It was a throw it together and see how it does with a baseline tune-up pass. It showed a lot of potential. The motor that was in it was from last year and its about 80 horsepower down from the latest and greatest piece for Kaase we’ll have next year.”

Aronson has been a customer or mountain motor engine builder John Kaase since he started his racing career. Somehow Kaase has squeezed 10 more cubic inches out of his custom built Ford block and Aronson is excited to unleash the new power in 2010

“Our new motor will be a 825 cubic inch Ford by Kaase This new car is lighter than any other mountain motor pro stock car that we know of” said Aronson. “We are not using titanium and granted we have to make a minimum weight but now we can put the weight wherever we want it.”

To check out Aronson Motorsports visit www.gofastquick.com.

Cale looks foreword to more testing and the 2010 Mustangs event debut, he wanted to thank all the folks that helped with the car build. Ford Racing - Jerry Haas Race Cars - Jon Kaase Racing Engines - Arch Haslar - DJ Safety -Mark Walser -Barry Grant - CFM Carbs - Innovators West - ORME Brothers - Scott Brown Designs - UPR Products - RAM Clutches - PEM Gears - Mickey Thompson - RacePak - Penske Racing Shocks - LENCO - ProBell - Dyno Joe – Chuck Aronson -Tinzy - Mark Shelton

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