The life of a concept car is brief, bright, and quickly forgotten. The press gets all abuzz about the latest concepts, debates their practicality, and keep their fingers crossed they make it to production. When the coolest ones inevitably don’t make it outside of the auto show circuit, the world moves on and even the coolest concept cars are boxed up and stored away in some remote warehouse ala Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But as Autoblog is reporting that Ford is bringing one of their most daring concepts, the 1995 GT90, out of obscurity to be auctioned off at the RM Auctions Automobiles of Arizona show in January.

Pictures: Ford

Once labeled “the world’s mightiest supercar”, the GT90 premiered at the Detroit Auto Show in January of 1995. It was considered a spiritual successor to the famous GT40’s of the 1960’s, but in every regard superior. It was equipped with a 48 valve, quad turbocharged, mid-mounted V12 engine that produced an estimated 720 horsepower and 660 ft-lbs of torque. Top speed was said to be 253 mph, which is the maximum recorded speed of the infamous Bugatti Veyron.

The V12 was actually made from two separate Lincoln V8 engines with two cylinders shaved off the back of one, and the front of the other. Then the two blocks were welded together, and viola, and Ford-sourced V12. But the engine was the only supercar aspect of the GT90. It also featured a honeycomb sectioned aluminum monocoque chassis, carbon fiber body panels, four wheel ventilated brakes and four wheel independent suspension. The car even had its own tires with “GT90” embossed on them.

It was the first car to embrace Ford’s new “Edge” design philosophy and equipped with many technologies considered ahead of their time, like blind spot detection sensors (as visibility had to be poor in such a low car). Speaking of high-tech, it was equipped ceramic heat resistant tiles like those used on space shuttles to shield the exhaust tips. This car was ahead of its time in many ways and was an exercise in the capability of the Blue Oval’s engineers.

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