When you build a car, you’re supposed to build it for yourself. Sure it’s nice to get recognition in the form of trophies and awards for your hard work, but real pride comes from loving your ride, no matter what anyone else thinks. That being said, Ford is working on offering future customers more ways to customize their ride straight from the dealership than ever before.

Mustangblog reports that Ford is even going so far as offering factory vinyl graphic packages for all their vehicles…including Mustangs.

We have never been adverse to a good racing stripe or two. Racing stripes have been around since 1951, when Briggs Cunningham applied them to his team of Le Mans racers. Carroll Shelby picked up the racing stripes during the ‘60’s, famously applying them to his GT350 and GT500 Mustangs. It was the start of a racing stripe revolution, and over the years Mustangs have been offered with many varieties of racing stripes. Ford is taking it to the next level though by offering a variety of artsy, funky graphics for all their vehicles.

Ford has even gone so far as to set up a website where you can customize what kind of stripes or graphics you want applied to your car. Original Wraps is providing the vinyl for these graphics, and every car in Ford’s lineup, save the GT500 (which already has racing stripes) can have graphics applied to it. Each car has its own website, though so far only the Fiesta site is more than a place holder. Still, options are good and it will be interesting to see what kind of graphics Ford offers for would-be car customizers. The Fiesta has some fun designs, and some frilly ones too, though the flames seem to be the best. Will they offer flames for the Mustang too? We’ll just have to wait.

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