Lakewood Industries has a drag shock for guys running on the street or the strip. The shocks come in fixed ratios of 90/10, 70/30 and 50/50. The valve design on these shocks gives the you the ability to get an excellent starting line reaction and a stable high speed operation. They also have a longer extension length compared to the stock shocks to aid in proper body separation at launch.

Official Release


Lakewood Industries, the leader in traction and suspension products, has combined it’s experience with the latest technology in drag shock design to develop a shock absorber in true, non adjustable, fixed ratios of 90/10, 70/30, ad 50/50. The Lakewood Drag Shock has performance characteristics superior to any other shock on the market today.

• State of the art Valve design for excellent starting line reaction and stable high speed operation like no other shock on the market today

• O.E. quality rubber bushings provide consistent performance, long life and isolation from track irregularities.

• Chrome plated piston rod to prevent corrosion that would cause premature seal wear.

• No dust covers on shocks for weight reduction and to monitor usable shock travel.

• Rubber travel indicator on rear shocks allows you to measure rear movement on initial launch

• Specially formulated hydraulic fluid for precise and consistent drag strip operation regardless of temperature

• Longer extension length than stock to aid in proper body separation on initial launch

• Over extension and compression is internally controlled with hydraulics instead of “OEM” style urethane stops. If over extension or compression does occur , impact will be “cushioned” to prevent any damage to the shock while giving the driver added control

Designed to mount in stock location without modification.

Contact Information

Lakewood Industries

Phone: 216-688-8300


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