The Mustang and the Camaro have been in a race since the day they both were born. A race in power, looks, and sales keep the two manufacturers coming out with revisions to their muscle cars. With the arrival of the new Camaro, we knew it was going to be a close race but the results were different then what was forecasted. The Mustang beat the Camaro by a little over 6,000 units sold in 2009.

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Chevrolet pulled off a string of month-to-month wins over Ford but in the end Ford took home the crown with 66,623 units sold in 2009. The Camaro did come in very close losing by only a few thousand coming in at 61,618 units sold. November was the worst month for Ford but they came back in December with 6,000+ Mustangs sold, which was over 60 percent more than what they sold in November. With more changes to the Mustang coming with the addition of the 5-liter (and 300hp V6) next year, we will probably see a large jump in their sales.

The race between these two muscle cars will continue for many many years. As the years go by and technology improves you can expect to see some astonishing changes to both of these vehicles.

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