We all know and love the Shelby GT500. It is and always has been a badass car, getting a lion’s share of the love and adoration. But what about its little brother the Shelby GT350? While the GT500 got the fire-breathing 428 engine, the GT350 got a milder 289 engine and was generally forgotten about over the course of history. The GT500 is back now, but the GT350 remains but a memory.

Or maybe not. Left Lane News is reporting that Shelby could be, might be working on a GT350 to replace their line of Shelby GT cars.

Picture: Shelby GT350 Auto Brochure

Now as we all suspected, Shelby is hard at work developing a new vehicle based on the 5.0 liter V8 that the 2011 Mustang will get. Shelby has also stated that it will not be making any 2010 or 2011 Shelby GTs, their mass-market Mustang, leaving their production facilities idle for the time being. A new GT350 could slip into the Shelby lineup below the Super Snake, and perhaps even the GT500. A premium Mustang in the $35k-to-$40k range would likely sell well.

2010 is also the 45th anniversary for the GT350, which was produced for just five years from 1965 to 1970. So it would be righteous timing for Shelby to bring back the GT350. With the new 5.0 making 412 horsepower, a few well thought out modifications could easily bump horsepower to 450 ponies or more. This is all rumor for now, but we’ve been hearing a lot of those from Shelby American (the new name) these days. Just adding it to the list.

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