Street legal car enthusiasts are always searching for easy ways to increase power with no downsides. Recently, we have been doing quite a bit of work with VP Racing Fuels as they have just introduced a new fuel they call VP100 Street Performance. Now, we have known VP as basically a racing fuel company, but this is a new totally 100% unleaded street legal product that they claim will out power regular unleaded pump gas. Yeah, we're serious. Power from your gasoline.

Now in the past, we'd probably have looked at this as snake oil, but what VP has done with Q16 in hardcore drag racing, we've become a believer in the concept that your fuel can pick up power. Now all VP did was apply this to the street market. The question is -- will this change the game on how a performance enthusiast will look at fuel?

First off, what is VP 100?

From the get-go, we wondered - what makes VP100 any different from the street swill that you can pick up at your local cheap gas station. Apparently, VP is oxygenated, with added ethanol, with an added custom blend of high performance additives, which makes it well-suited for any high-performance naturally aspirated (high compression), supercharged, or turbocharged engine.

In fact, although not every car will pick up this much power, they told us that they tested VP100 on a turbocharged street car and picked up 14% power due to the more aggressive tune up that could be put into the engine over common pump gas. Now granted, that is a tune up PLUS the VP100, but still.. 14% is a huge increase. We of course we see this type of increase from a leaded race gas, but that's a lot of power to be had from unleaded fuel.

So we're looking forward to testing and using this VP fuel in some of our street cars, as well as doing some dyno testing of VP versus just regular gas. We're far from a bunch of chemists, and don't have the scientific control of a bunch of CARB engineers, but we do know tuning and we do know performance. Plus we have a dyno, so what the hell.

In the mean time, VP100 should be something you check out for your high-performance street ride. VP says it works up to 13:1 compression naturally aspirated, even with cast-iron heads, and is street-legal in 50 states plus CARB accepted.

Questions about your quad-turbocharged Bugatti?
VP told us they have some VP100 experts setup up on a direct tech support line at 812-878-2025. Questions may also be emailed to

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