Anyone with a tired Fox Body learns to deal with some of the inherent flaws of the time. Time is definitely not on the Fox platform's side, but luckily there are plenty of aftermarket companies that can help you revitalize your Stang. One of those companies is B&M. A name synonymous for muscle-cars and hot rods, B&M has a rich history of producing some of the most advanced shifters and shifter components around.

A B&M shifter had already been previously installed in our project car. However, over the test of time and 100,000 some odd shifts, it was about time for an upgrade. So, it only made sense to replace the older shifter with one of B&M’s flagship products....The T5 Pro Ripper. Follow along as I do an installed of a Pro Ripper shifter on a Fox Body - step by step.

The B&M Pro Ripper Manual Shifter (PN - 45070) is a work of art. While providing smooth and precise shifts to the T-5, it also reduces shift throw considerably and seems utterly unbreakable. The Pro Ripper has unlimited adjustability by way of its 3 piece top stick and allows the user to mount the shifter virtually anywhere. I'm all about comfort in whatever car I drive and don’t think that a brazen street beast needs to be a hassle to drive. That's why I was looking forward to installing the Pro Ripper in our project car.

New B&M ripper on the left, old B&M shifter on the right.

The project '85 Mustang for this job is by no means a street beast, but anything that can help that T 5 shift smoother and shorter is a welcomed addition.

When shopping for an aftermarket shifter, be sure to check that it fits your application. Thankfully, B&M makes purchasing their products quick and easy with an application search on their homepage at When beginning the installation, be sure to check out the instructions provided because there are plenty of well illustrated pictures depicting each step of the installation process.

The Pro Ripper Shifter includes:
• CNC machined stainless steel stick assembly

• Fully adjustable stick design

• Stainless steel collar

• Spherical glass filled nylon pivot ball

• Transmission fill plug in base

According to the manual, the installation of the Pro Ripper should take around an hour. However, once you open the box and see the ridiculously detailed instructions inside, you will realize that this estimate of time is quite generous.

Some of the Tools You Will Need
• 8, 10, and 13mm Sockets

• Hex Wrench

• Ratchet Driver

• Wrench

• RTV Silicone

Before beginning the installation of your Pro Ripper, remove the old shifter from the car and inspect the area where you will be attaching the new piece. Perform any necessary clean-up at this time.

Next, follow the assembly instructions very carefully and make sure to Loc-Tite the hex bolts in order to prevent the pieces from backing themselves out.

Once the Pro Ripper is assembled, use the provided shifter cup to replace the old worn out one. This will help ensure smooth and concise shifts.

The next step is to lower the shifter base into position, making sure to RTV the base before securing the Ripper to the transmission.

The Pro Ripper comes with some beefy adjustable Jam Nuts and softer springs, in order for you to customize your Ripper to your liking. Personally, I like a somewhat stock feel with a short throw, so I kept the soft springs in the base itself and opted out of replacing them with hard springs as per the instructions.

Following the instructions, you have the choice between a High Stick with a longer throw, or a Low Stick with a shorter throw. When you get to this step, be sure that the throw itself doesn't get interrupted by anything on your center console.

Now that you are in the clear, attach the upper stick to the corresponding holes. In my particular case I went with a High Stick/longer throw since this will come in handy while downshifting those long straights! Making sure to Loc-Tite the button head bolts first, proceed to attach the threaded adapter to the upper stick and repeat the Loc-Tite process to prevent any of the screws from backing out.

The B&M Pro Ripper not only looks stunning, but it outperforms the stock shifter by a mile. The quality CNC machined stainless steel material, limitless adjustability, and overall darn good looks make the Pro Ripper a true winner when it comes to rugged street/strip performance!

Now that the Pro Ripper is installed and the ball shifter is mounted, that little T-5 won't know what hit it!


B&M Racing

Phone: 818-882-6322


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